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About Echigo-Tsumari Kamigo Clove Theatre

Kamigo Junior High School, a high school in Tsunan Town, Niigata Prefecture, was closed in 2012 and renovated into the Kamigo Clove Theatre, a facility combining a theatre and residential space to serve as a base for performing arts during the Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale 2015. Artists can stay surrounded by abundant nature, devise and present their performance, the Theatre aims to explore possibility of the performing arts in the region and thus become a platform for exchange between the city and the region. We welcome theatrical, dance, and music companies or groups, whether professional or amateur, to make use of this facility for residencies except during the Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale.

※ “Kamigo Clove Theatre” is named after cloves, a spice which goes well with Tsunan pork, one of the local delicacies, and with a punning nod to Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre.

⇒Echigo-Tsumari Kamigo Clove Theatre Brochure[PDF]


上郷とは About Kamigo area

The Kamigo area in Tsunan town
Located at the southern tip of Niigata prefecture, surrounded by mountains and river terraces, the Kamigo area in Tsunan town is known for having one of the heaviest snowfalls in winter in Japan. It is nestled at the border between Nagano and Niigata prefectures, where the Chikumagawa river becomes the Shiannogawa river.
The area once called Kamigo village (abandoned on 1 January 1955) has been inhabited and cultivated for generations by ancestors since the Jomon era. As of June 2015, 1475 residents of 478 households live in the area and despite continuing depopulation, local men and women are filled with sprit and energy that helps support the Teatre’s operation.


大地の芸術祭とは About Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale

The Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale is an international art festival held every three years since 2000. Using the Echigo-Tsumari region as its stage, it is the world’s most extensive art festival. The overall objective of the event is to employ art as a vehicle for revealing the latent values embedded in the region, enhancing their appeal and spreading them to the world, thereby building a path towards revitalization. The idea that “humans are part of nature” is the fundamental concept for the festival’s activities and artworks, and its pioneering approach to deepening regional exploration and community building through art has been applauded both within and beyond Japan.



About the facility 施設案内

[Gymnasium 体育館]

・Theatre on the level 2
The gymnasium space on the level 2 has been turned into a theatre, equipped with sound equipment and lighting fixtures. Seating is movable and can be arranged flexibly.
Facilities: sound and lighting equipment, projector, movable seating (maximum capacity of 176 pipe chairs), and linoleum floor finish.

[Residence レジデンス]

Residential space is located on both level 1 and 2 and can accommodate as many as 32 people..Each room is equipped with two bunk beds. There is a kitchen and shower room with washing machines and dryers.

Facilities: Beds for 32 people. 10 rooms for two people (each room with two bunk beds) and 3 rooms for four people (each room with two sets of two bunk beds. Two rooms out of the three have private washroom), Kitchen, Shower room (four shower booths for each gender, four washing machines and two dryers).

Workshop and multipurpose room
There are workshop on the level 1 for making stage settings and props and multipurpose room on the level 3.
Facilities: Workshop (tools, sewing machine, etc) / Multipurpose room (a grand piano is not for moving)

[Restaurant レストラン]

Restaurant on the level 3
A restaurant following the principle of “grow local eat local” serves locally grown vegetables and Tsunan pork cooked by local women. EAT & ART TARO, one of the participating artists in ETAT2015, directed and presented a unique theatrical restaurant during the festival.
※Guests can enjoy breakfast and dinner prepared by local women. Pre-arrangement required.

[Artwork アート](Permanent collections 常設)

・“Kamigo Clove Theatre logo on the signbord” designed by Katsumi Asaba.

The ancient oracle bone script for “Go” of “Kamigo” shows two people on the left and right face one another over food which resonates with the aims of the Theatre. The neon sign outside glows at night, giving the closed school building a luminous beacon.

・“Shell of time” by Tatsushi Takizawa.

A school library surrounded by trees has collections of school albums and books displayed in between trees. Visitors are invited to read them on cushions filled with rice husks whose smell evokes nostalgic memories.



利用料金 Price list

[体育館/Gymnasium Rehearsal and performance]

>details Gymnasium

※Please enquire should you wish to use the facility for more than a week.
※Price for sound equipment and lighting fixture include introductory session by staff members. Extra cost for technical staff for setting up, dismantling and operating is JPY25000 per person per day.
※Set A is when using the existing equipment as they are and Set B is when you change the current setting for your own purpose. Please ensure to put them back to the original positions. Please visit the website for details.
※Discount rate applied for usage of promoting cultural aspirations for Tsunan residents or by Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale Executive committee.
※Workshop is available for free of charge when using any of the paid facilities.


Stay without meal arrangement (cooking facilities available)

>details Stay

※Booking is available for more than eight people. (please make an inquiry if number of people vary during the period of stay).
※ Priority is given to those want to use the theatre and we accept booking from one month before for those who just want to stay only if rooms are available.
※ If staying more than a week, 20% discount rate is applied from the 8th day of your stay.
※ (   )Children: age below 12-years-old.

食事付 Meal can be arranged with extra cost as follows:

>details Meal can be arranged


Other experience such as farming or meeting with locals can be arranged. Please talk to one of our staff members.




Echigo-Tsumari Kamigo Clove Theatre
7-3 Miyanohara, Kamigo, Tsunan town, Nakauonumagun, Niigata Prefecture 949-8125


By car:
50min drive from Shinozawa-Ishiuchi IC via R353 and R117.
10 mins drive towards Nagano direction on Route117 from Tsunan town council office. (parking space available)

By train:
20 mins walk from Moshimiyanohara station on JR Iiyama station

Booking and inquires

Echigo-Tsumari Art Field Information Centre TEL +81(0) 25-761-7767
大地の芸術祭の里総合案内所 TEL 025-761-7767

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